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4 Tips to becoming a Luxury Realtor | Erik Brown

Beverly Hills Homes Buying or Selling Tips.

The topic today is going to be what do you want to be when you grow up I would love to be able to chat about any of the questions or ideas that you have as well in buying and selling or investing.

So with that I'm just going to start off it's funny to think about the things that we wanted to do when we grew up my parents still have I think all of my baby books as a kid and so they talked a little bit about hey Kyle thanks for jumping in they talked a little bit about all the things I wanted to do as I grew up when I was a kid so I wanted to be I think it was an astronaut at one point and an artist I think in fourth grade I was told that lawyers make a lot of money so I wanted to be a lawyer I wanted to be a professional baseball player and then you grow up and all of a sudden you are not necessarily those things you are something else that is either a bit more

practical or your dreams change as you get older and so at one point myself and a couple of friends that I graduated college with decided that we wanted to get into real estate investing and that leads me to where I am today.

Which is now a Beverly Hills luxury real estate agent so how did that happen and how does someone pursue this dream of getting into real estate we've all seen that television shows from million dollar listing - selling LA and it's a really exotic or sexy business but how do you actually get into it as you get started so I wanted to share a few top tips just quick ideas of things to think about as you're getting into real estate what's interesting is that the average real tour around the country is 56 years old and it is a second if not a third or fourth career so if someone wants to get in early what are the things that you need to think about for starters it doesn't take much to become a licensed realtor it's actually relatively easy you need to have a heartbeat be over 18 years old and pass an exam and several hours and by several ninety hours worth of classes and then you are an agent and most people will say well now what so there are many different pieces that revolve around being a successful real estate agent. Beyond \ being just an agent yeah we nice to jump in several things that I want to start off with beyond just the logistical pieces and there are three or four main tips.

The first one is obviously logistics you need to pass kind of the basics of getting your game plan in but I would say even before jumping in you want to think about the first biggest largest piece which is prospecting how are you going to get business a lot of people will think that they can depend on family members and friends to get started and that may be a great Avenue to be able to get business but prospecting is going to be first and foremost the most important thing that you're going to want to think of so there are 4050 hundreds of different ways that you could get business and you want to have a bevy of different ways that you can market one might be a sphere of influence hey Jeremy thanks for jumping in one might be a sphere of influence it could be door knocking or you knock on doors of homes in a given neighborhood and become somewhat ingratiated to that neighborhood as the preferred real estate agent of choice.

Yoy might hold open houses you might do social media or internet-based marketing you might connect with other referral partners I have got several different plans that I could share if you're ever interested and the biggest reason that I wanted to hold this top the biggest reason that I wanted to hold this topic was because of all of the people that now connect with me on social media after having seen some posts that I do seeing the post that I do seeing different ways that I'm able to connect with my target audience they're interested in finding out what are some of the tips and tricks that they could use and so I wanted to be able to share those and so many people had asked and I've got kind of a bonus tip at the end of the six book live to share with you if you're interested in getting into the biz a great tool that I think could be super helpful for you so stay tuned until the very you have to think of this a lot like self-employment so you are a small business you are basically creating your own Kim paycheck we don't make an income we don't get paid to do this job we have to go and work with buyers and sellers and when they buy or sell a home that's how we get compensated and so there's kind of a rule of thumb that you will work for several months typically before you will receive your first paycheck even if you were to meet a potential buyer or seller tomorrow they still have to either sell their home or find outs so you develop a through your prospecting efforts you develop a pipeline of business and again I can talk about that further any time that you'd like to be able to jump in and kind of discuss it so that's piece number one.

The number Two is prospecting we're actually going to roll out they seem to be having some bad connection issues so we're going to leave the office and step outside a second so is time blocking is going to be your next kind of top tip a punch we don't have someone that sets our hours in real estate and so the time blocking that you do is basically setting your own schedule your own calendar of the things that are most important we talked about prospecting that should be done every day so beyond to be prospecting piece I keep having a bad connection today beyond the prospecting piece like I said time blocking so putting in prospecting putting in when you're going to have your appointments.

When you're going to not only work in your business meeting people but when you're going to work on your business creating different brochures packets your marketing information if you're going to hire an assistant any of any point the way that you block out your time is paramount and so if at any point you would want to see my schedule of how I time block just add a comment or click below and we can touch base a little bit further on what a great time blocking schedule looks like to be able to make sure that you're not working a hundred hour week and you're not working at ten-hour week it's very easy to be caught up in just sending emails or just making phone calls and that's not always necessarily productive so you want to make sure that you have the best possible time block that you can create and then the last thing that I would throw out as a tip so we've got prospecting we've got time blocking.

The next and last one that I would say is most important among many other items is

going to be how you create your income schedule so again we don't in real estate to paycheck so you'll work with buyers and sellers when they sell or buy a home that's how you get paid and so what type of client do you want to work with luxury clients first-time homebuyers people just buying condominiums or waterfront properties all of these are different niches with which you can work with and you can look at creating a business plan around that typical I'll tell you your income and be able to tell me to tell you how much you can spend on either marketing or administrative or overall business growth.

So hopefully these tips were a little bit helpful to all of you budding real estate agents out there and again like I said if you've got any comments or questions or ideas to bounce off out of touch base anytime I had mentioned giving a little tip at the very end of this for you budding real estate agents if you wanted to find out kind of a better blueprint I would love to be able to share with you a copy of a book that I published called one-in-a-million and it is filled with some of the best tips and ideas.

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