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Erik Brown as one of the top Luxury marketing specialist in the US

Beverly Hills Endorsement | Erik Brow Real Estate Agent

I'm Greg Luther and you may or may not know that I'm a coach mentor and seminar leader to over 30,000 real estate agents all over North America including some extremely successful marketing professionals I've led workshops and mastermind groups for some top real estate agents from sea to shining sea and I've seen some phenomenal marketing that only a select

few agents have adopted within their own real estate practice.

I'm so excited to say a few words about Erik Brown. Erik actually specializes in luxury priced houses in California at a recent mastermind meeting with some of the top luxury marketing specialists in the country. We all review the advertising and marketing plan for his upscale homes and we found it to be absolutely outstanding when compared to some of the other top marketers throughout the United States in my professional opinion Erik's ability to market an upscale home is virtually unparalleled in our industry today. I personally worked with him to go over the target market selects that he uses when he's marketing for high-end buyers and I was absolutely astounded at how specific he is when choosing his mailing list he spends thousands of dollars of his own money to market his listings and he chooses his target market based on specific amenities and each individual house.

Now if you're selling your luxury priced home it's crucial to choose an agent that's mastered the art of marketing to get your home exposed to the most opportune buyers within the marketplace this one factor can make a difference of upwards of eighty thousand dollars or more in the form of a higher sales price and shorter marketing time now I should give you a word of caution here obviously listing a home is easy but being able to target market. A specific type of buyer for a very unique home it's extremely expensive on the agents part and they have to be an absolute master at marketing to get your desired result this is the type of agent that you want now.

If you happen to own a home in California I highly recommend you try to secure a meeting with Erik Brown just to explore your options now as you can imagine just like anyone that's extremely proficient in their profession he's highly selective on the project's he'll take on and I'm guessing he probably turns down more clients than he accepts but if you can convince him to invest in your home by implementing his astounding marketing plan you want to jump on that opportunity immediately frankly just spending 30 minutes with him to see how you would target market specific buyers for your house it's really a marketing lesson in itself and I think you'll enjoy the knowledge you'll pick up from meeting with such a savvy individual so take a look at the marketing pieces learn about specific mailing list selects and how much his team can specifically target people based on their income their credit score the type of home they live in the magazines they subscribe to the country clubs they belong to had even the type of cars that they drive I'd absolutely recommend him for the marketing of your home one hundred percent and if you're fortunate enough to be able to secure an exploratory meeting with them just to discuss some options I'd take advantage of it immediately I'm Greg Luther luxury marketing specialist.

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