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Updated: Jan 22

Erik Brown, an Entrepreneur, Advisor, Author, and Realtor in Los Angeles, is changing the world of real estate in Los Angeles with his dynamic philosophy and tips he shares with his clients and real estate buyers and sellers in Los Angeles to help them in selling and buying luxury homes in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. As a real estate agent in Los Angeles, he has helped many people sell and buy luxury homes for a top dollar. His book “1 in a Million” has been an influential source for those in need of professional realtor experience. His 151 step system for the VIP Seller program is a unique guide for those who want to sell their homes fast and for a top dollar. Unlike typical real estate agents in Los Angeles, he delivers such services to his clients that they never expect from a typical agent because he is not a typical real estate agent in Los Angeles. He has many writings and published tips and guides for real estate clients to his credit, but here we present some of his ideas and philosophy for the real estate sector in Los Angeles in his own words that will blow your mind. 1. Having only one option is not an option. Call me odd, but I like the grocery store. I like to see the options I have. I stroll the aisles and look at the various foods and brands, picking as suits my appetite and upcoming weeks. BUT… Even with options, I mostly pick the same things—every time. Why? Too many options are discombobulating. Too few give me the fear of missing out. That’s why my team and I share with you a solid, foundational selection of tips, tools, and values for your home goals, like these: 1. A Lifestyle Design consultation: 2. Coordinated Communication 3. Custom Resource Package: 4. Tailored Home Evaluation: 5. Confidential list of off-market homes 6. Custom home buyer list for your home: 7. Luxury vendor referrals: 8. Quality Ongoing Content: 9. Neighborhood Knowledge Oracle: 10. A free copy of my Real Estate Book: 11. Concierge Office Services: 12. Bespoke Investment Plan: 13. Charitable Donations in your name:

These services and more assist in your past, present, and future real estate needs. I don’t offer these to everyone; it would get expensive quickly. I share these with the great people like you that I meet to appreciate the extra white glove. Call me today to get yours.

PS: If you spend too long holding on to an option, you’ll miss finding an agent in Los Angeles who treats you like a priority.

A conversation is free; a missed opportunity is not. When is best to connect again?


Every obstacle offers an opportunity

In my years of business, I have found 88 problems that can happen when buying or selling a home. Would you like to receive the list and the ways to avoid them? Call me today.


Before he was a global media mogul, Hugh Hefner was a disgruntled copywriter that quit his job for not getting a $5 raise.

With nothing more than a singular idea and a chest full of courage, Hefner mortgaged his house on the idea of building a new form of media. Powered by self-belief, self-promo, and the uncanny ability to sell dreams, Hefner had almost immediate success as he started and grew a little magazine called Playboy.

All of our dreams can come true if we pursue them with courage.

Don’t dream your life; live your dream.

We connected on your home goals, and I want to help you live that dream.

When is best for us to reconnect and speak again?

Sometimes life is about the little steps we take to make our dreams turn into reality.

Let’s begin your journey,

Erik Brown

PS: I have a # of fantastic real estate gifts for you in the VIP section of my web site.


On the 950th attempt, an older woman in her 60s in South Korea, after consistent efforts, got a passing grade of 60 and moved on to the actual driver's test, which she only failed 4 times before getting passing marks. She displayed a great kind of persistence. Everyone got aware of her and her effort. Kia soul gave her commercial, and she became famous.

I realize I have tried to connect several times, so please take my persistence as a testament to how excited I am to assist you with your home goals in Los Angeles Real Estate Market. -:)

When is best for us to connect?

PS: A conversation is free; a missed opportunity is not.

Connect with me today. I promise the few brief moments will be worth it.


A man pulled over when he saw an elderly lady stranded on the side of the road. She needed help, so he stopped his Pontiac near her Mercedes, got out, and smiled. Even so, the lady was still worried, as nobody had stopped for hours and this strange man had a poor and shabby appearance. He could see how frightened she was, so he tried to calm her: “Hi. I’m Bryan. Don’t worry, and I‘m here to help.

Her tire was flat, so he crawled under the car. While changing the tire, he got dirty and scuffed his hands. She asked him the money she owed him for the job he did. Bryan smiled, saying, “No need, ma’am; the next time you see someone who needs help, think of me and pay it forward.”

That evening, the lady stopped by a small, dingy cafe. She sat down and was approached by a waitress that was pregnant. The waitress had a friendly smile, even after a full day on her feet. She got anxious about how could someone who has so little been so kind to a stranger. Then she remembered Bryan.

The lady ate the meal and paid with a hundred dollar bill. The waitress went to get changed, and when she came back, the lady was gone, leaving a note: “No change needed. Somebody once helped me, just as I help you. If you want to pay me back, don’t let this chain of love end with you“. The waitress discovered four more one hundred bills under the napkin she left.

That night at home, the waitress kept thinking about the lady and the money she left. She wondered how the lady could know how much she and her husband needed it, especially with the baby soon to arrive. She knew her husband was worried, so she was glad to tell him the good news. She told him, kissed him, and whispered, “Great things happen with compassion. I love you, Bryan.”

As I think of you today, I love to ask: What may I do to help you?

You'd be surprised how often people ignore compassion; you never know how perfect something might be unless you ask, share, connect.

Having read the above-mentioned traits of Erik’s personality as an author, Entrepreneur, and real estate agent in Los Angeles, one feels the need to get in touch with such a great advisor and real estate agent in Los Angeles to deal with his property business. Don’t miss the opportunity and get in touch with him today.

How to connect with Erik Brown:

That is as simple as you say. Just visit his website to have a live chat with him as he deals with his clients directly. Here are some of the resources to connect with him:

Compass | DRE #: 01958545

Office: 424-239-6519 | Cell: 424-333-6697 |


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