“You are awesome Erik! I appreciate your diligence on our behalf! We look forward to developing a great friendship with you, and I hope over the next year to learn our new environment and gather some wise tools from your mentoring, when it comes to making that investment of buying our future home. Plus we think your just a good guy!!!”

Shelley C

”Erik, please accept my apology for the late thank you back to you as I have been overwhelmed at the office. Thinking of you and thanking you again for attending to all the details of the sale in a positive manner and please know you have an extremely happy client. Hope to see you the next time I come into town for lunch or happy hour at the Beverly Wilshire.”

Kathy DeCrosta

“I enjoyed your book very much and gave it a five star review on Amazon.”

Uriel D.

”It is with very great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Erik Brown and his real estate services. Erik has a deep passion for service and has been one of the few exceptionally gifted Realtors that I have encountered in my career. He has always been professional, informative, and he and his team’s follow through is extraordinary. No stone is left unturned to provide an exceptional experience.

I first encountered Erik after moving from my home country of Greece to complete my medical residency and general-cardiology fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Following an interventional-cardiology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, I joined the University of Minnesota faculty in 2008. 1 year prior I began my home search and worked with Erik and his team.

Before, during, and after the purchase of my home, I have found Erik to be an intelligent, conscientious, motivated and responsible professional. If ever I have a real estate question or need, he responds quickly and accurately, even if it is not commission or income based. He was and is always meticulous when performing, and provides detailed data and analysis on the market. Erik is a self-motivated, dedicated, hardworking agent of high intelligence who can grasp difficult concepts, think critically and handle the rigor of a competitive environment. He exhibits the qualities of a leader.

Beyond his professional excellence, Erik is a charismatic individual who is respected and liked by clients and peers. Since meeting him, Erik periodically calls or connects just to check in. He always displays a sense of balance, a warm personality, and sense of humor.

Overall, Erik is an intelligent, well-rounded, and grounded individual who challenges himself and actively seeks new opportunities and experiences. He has the determination and intelligence to succeed in any endeavor and always maintains a positive attitude. His professional and personal achievements show that he is committed to his craft and will work hard to achieve his client’s goals. He exudes confidence and has a vivid, outgoing, and friendly personality that allows him to get along with others very well in any setting. I admire him for his intelligence, sincerity, honesty, and integrity. Erik Brown would truly be a superior asset to anyone with a home buying or selling need.”

Demetri Yannopoulos, MD Professor of Medicine

“Thank you so much for your help and unwavering professionalism.”

Horst LaRocca

”When working with Erik we were able to work remotely, which is very important for me because I travel extensively for my job and the work that we were doing was looking for a condo for my aging mother. A condo that I’d be buying, that she’d being living in and he was able to do three things very, very well.

A- be very efficient about virtual updates as well as listings for potential condos and always keeping both my mother and me in the loop of communication. As well as being very patient with an elderly client, as well as a son who is purchasing the property to meet both of our needs, a very difficult challenge, one that was balanced well throughout the entire process. And the third piece of it was the patience. It took about 6 months and we weren’t aggressively looking, we knew it was going to take time and the Midcoast team worked on our schedule. There were some months were we didn’t look at any property and other weeks were we looked at several properties and that was very valued. In the end we were able to purchase a condo that is more than likely the last place my mother will live and its clean and safe and it’s a value to me and my family to know that my mom will be in a safe location while she ages.

So, one thing that was especially valuable for my mother to have with the Midcoast team was the fact that the final property that we did select, she was able to go see several times before the offer was made. I wasn’t able to see the property in person because I was remotely making a purchase offer. But, while the inspection was done and before the final closing I was able to fly up and see the property and our realtor was at the property with my mother at least a half a dozen times before the final close. The final thing that was done above and beyond was because I wasn’t able to be there at closing, our realtor was able to go, do the closing which was a cash offer and pick up all the keys and all the documents and bring them back to us verse us having to be there. Which was of obvious help in the system through the process.”

Tony Mollica

“We had a great experience. Chris was great, Erik’s good. It was just everything not anything in particular. Chris was like right there when we needed him, and he got us into every place we ever wanted to see. He gives good information, he sold us the house.”

Greg Groom

”I thought Erik was excellent. When I met him he was genuinely honest, you could just read it. I thought he was great. He actually had sort of a disclosure where he said to us “If I can’t be absolutely honest with who I am working with, including you or the people that are buying your house, I can’t work with you guys.” He was upfront and honest and didn’t keep any secrets. I really liked that his integrity was outstanding. During the whole process he was always available to follow up with us. Even at eight or 9 o’clock at night, he was always there for us as a realtor but also from an emotional standpoint as well because of all the craziness that goes into a mortgage these days. I just thought he was fantastic!

We bought a new house and he asked and asked and asked for the permits of the new house and they were never produced. We then were getting very close to closing and they still weren’t produced. Erik spent several hours making phone calls not only to the realtor but also the contractor trying to get this done, trying to get find a way for this to work for us because frankly we thought we were going to be homeless. We thought the whole thing would fall apart and that we were going to be homeless. He managed to work out a deal with the other realtor and contractor and fortunately everything came together and we were able to go through with escrow.”

Beth Moore

”The Midcoastgroup worked really hard to ensure that I got first-hand information from either the seller or the loan person or anyone else. There was always a fast response and everyone was happy and always very helpful. In the beginning of the process we had difficulty in getting a loan for the property that I bought and Chris was looked into different resources and helped me get in touch with my current lender who was able to get me a 20% down payment program. Chris also talked me through the process on closing on a house so that was really helpful too.”

Anqi Qiu

”Erik, We would like to a moment to congratulate you on your RE/MAX 100% Club Award for 2009. Your commitment and resilence in the face of a challenging market is why we feel fortunate to have you with our organization. We look forward to your continued success with RE/MAX Results.”

John Collopy, Broker and Marshall Saunders, Broker

“Thanks Erik! It feels great being a homeowner. It won’t set in though until we are moved in there after we fix it up. Thank you so much for all of your help, hard work, everything! It was fun working with you!”

Stacey Q and Rich H

“Thank you for the magazines that came yesterday. With your help, we both have more time to

read. Thanks again for helping us sell our home in 2 months time!!!”

Dorothy and Warren A

“Thank you Erik. You have made the whole up and down process of selling my parent’s home easier to deal with. I have appreciated your honesty, insight, and professionalism.”

Linda S

“Thanks very much for selling our house in a timely manner and just selling it! You did a great job!”

Gene and Sandy L

“After working with you through these past years in this tough real estate market, I am happy to give you an eleven out of ten rating for competency, trustworthiness and being someone to work with. Use me as a referral any time.”

Mike Brady, Broker, Dwell Realty

“Erik is extremely personable and creative, all of which combine to make his services a very Good Value. Erik had been recommended to me by two completely separate friends so knew I was in good hands from the beginning. His expertise and integrity produced the great results of my home being sold less than two months after putting it on the market. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I highly recommend Erik to anyone trying to sell – or purchase – a home. He makes the whole experience downright enjoyable!”

Cynthia Dagget

”Hi Erik! Yes, selling my house is one of the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving for sure!  I am especially grateful for all you and your team did”

Mary Jo

“Erik, I was just chatting about how awesome you were the other day to some people, and have been talking about the house, and people ask me if I have a realtor and I’m just like yeah, but he was so good he ended up the 90210 area code. 

”I think it’s a huge strength and a compliment as a customer for you to you take the time and personalize a video, very much appreciate that and told more people about how great you are”.

Michael Belluto

”Erik, I had a chance to view and browse your website and the program you have in place. I am very impressed with the way you run your business and the effort and time put into planning, process and outcome. I believe we have the same school of thought –our clients come first and foremost and we want this to be a ”WOW” experience for them– start to finish and beyond. I think our teams would be a good fit for each other.”

Cheryl Hoban/ Loan Officer

”Absolutely, I will let you know how you ranked last year leter tonight. Then I can give you an overall status whenever you ask me going forward.Great to see you today. Your represent the best and brightes company has to offer.”

Marshall Saunders

” Thank you for making this whole process easier on us. Dan and I also want to thank you for the gift and credit repair information.”


” Erik,Thank you again for you wonderful services and advices. You are champion in this game of real estate. If people know who Erik Brown really is as an agent, he will sold out by now!!!”


”Erik, just wanted to say thanks for all your great emails/gifts, they are quite appreciated. I will remember to pass on your name to friends/family who could utilize your services. Take care and say hi to Ashley.”


” Erik, Thanks for taking time the other day to visit my home and giving me a break down of your appraisal. I admit I was disappointed to hear the value was only around $200,000. But after hearing your approach to selling a home, it makes sense to initially list at the low end. It is important to get people in to see the place as soon as it goes on the market. I like your strategy of getting people interested in the property and making offers. Perhaps, my home could fetch a higher price that what we list it as.I will stay in touch with you concerning my decision to sell. I think you are an honest and thorough person and I would trust doing business with you. Thanks again for the research you have done concerning the value of my home and I hope to see you again.”

Michael Meyer

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